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Automatic enrolment doesn’t end with a declaration of compliance

So, you’ve assessed your staff, put them into a workplace pension, and declared your compliance. But automatic enrolment (AE) doesn’t end there, and neither does your responsibilities.

There are still legal duties that need to be completed – automatic enrolment is an ongoing responsibility even after the declaration.

Every time your run their payroll, their should be an assessment of staff requirements, checking who needs to be put into a pension scheme, and working out how much to pay in. If you took on any new staff who are eligible for automatic enrolment, then these workers need to be put into a pension scheme too. Opt-outs and requests to join from other staff, and maintenance records continue.

Re-enrolment takes place every three years, and eligible staff who previously left your pension scheme must be put back into it – and a re-declaration of compliance must be completed to confirm what your clients have done about re-enrolment.

As soon as you employ just one person, there are legal duties that must be completed. Pension responsibilities go beyond putting staff into a scheme. Even if you don’t have any workers who need to be automatically enrolled right now, you still have responsibilities, and must complete a declaration of compliance telling the Pension Regulator how you complied with their duties.

So AE is ongoing…don’t forget !.