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Do insurance companies pay out on red alerts ?

There is a rumour that insurance companies will not pay out for accidents during a red alert. (Red alert is in place in Scotland at the time of writing, 1st March 2018).

This is NOT true. It is not about whether there was a red alert but whether there was “contributory negligence” on the driver’s part.

But this does not mean it is OK to drive in a red alert warning situation. Red alert means there is a possibility of loss of life.

Did you know?…Motorists should not to leave their engine running while they’re not in their car? Scots law states drivers must be in control of their vehicles at all times. If you need to go back into the house, the engine must be switched off and the car must be locked. Car insurers almost never pay out if the keys were left in the vehicle.

Stay safe, stay warm.