Do I have to come and meet you face to face?

Nope. Firstly, I can come to see you at a place of your choosing (if you wish). I travel all over Scotland, Wales & England to see you. It’s a small world now !. Alternatively, we can do everything electronically. We can even “FaceTime” or “Skype”.

Will I be able to speak to my Accountant whenever I want to?

You can get in touch with Peter Hall in a variety of ways including email, phone and even through Twitter or the other social media avenues.

How is my quote calculated?

The quote is based upon the type of business you operate (sole trader/ limited company etc…), any extra work required outside of your basic package, and the what we would consider to be an average number of banking transactions.

Do you outsource any of the bookkeeping and accounts work?

No way. You will be dealing with Peter Hall himself. He aims to be personal and relevant to you and your circumstances.

If I have more transactions than I was originally quoted for, will my price go up?

Not necessarily.  We do understand that businesses fluctuate so if you go a little over what you were quoted we will not put your price up.  However, if your business grows and you start to generate a lot more banking transactions on a regular basis, we will contact you to discuss what you need.  We ensure that you will always get plenty of notice if there is a price change.

Can I send you my documents electronically?

Yes! Let’s use the technology!