Who I Am

I have been involved in accounting, finance, business and banking services since 1979…yes that long!

But I don’t just crunch the numbers. What motivates me is partnering with people to help them achieve their goals.

My passion is to partner with people, whether individuals, community groups, directors or companies; in improving their financial future. It’s what I do!

A pleasing comment to me was “I don’t have anything to worry about anything”.

This is an exciting era in accounting. The accounting and finance industry in all it’s aspects, is not static, but is a dynamic field. In fact, there is now a “blurring of the line” between banking, finance and accounting. Fortunately, I started during the years of heavy regulation of the late 1970’s, and have grown with the industry to the present day of deregulation mixed with improvements in international standards and technology.

Having developed in the banking, finance and accounting fields, my experience, and use of the the latest cloud technology and accounting systems, ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your financial future. Your taxes and information systems can be efficient, simple and up to date.

I am a Senior Associate of the “Financial Services Institute” (“FINSIA”) and a “Fellow Certified Public Accountant” in the UK (“FCPA”). I am also a member of the “Association of Church, Accountants and Treasurers” in the UK.

Other than accounting, I love to support my local Church and rugby club, play my guitar and enjoy the Scottish Outdoors.